Pacific Lamprey

Pacific Lamprey
Photo Credit: Evan Leonetti




  • Species Common Name Pacific Lamprey
  • Species Scientific Name Entosphenus tridentatus
  • Federal Listing Status Species Of Concern
  • State Listing Status Sensitive


    Special needs

    May aggregate in high densities. Requires fine gravel beds for spawning. Larvae burrow in fine sediment. Timing of development closely linked to water temperature. Adequate food availability during adult marine feeding stage of life history. Migration to ocean may depend on sustained inflow from flooding or snowmelt.

    Limiting factors

    Reduced water quality. Passage barriers. Altered flow patterns. Dredging. Rapid water draw-downs. Marine survival.

    Conservation actions

    Improve passage. Alter timing of water draw-down. Use species-specific habitat requirements to guide management actions. See the Conservation Plan for Lampreys for strategies. Fill data gaps on marine life history, including migration needs. Use results to inform water management at storage facilities.

    Key reference or plan

    Coastal, Columbia, and Snake Conservation Plan for Lampreys in Oregon

    Life History Traits