Golden Paintbrush

Photo Credit: Oregon Department of Agriculture


  • Species Common Name Golden Paintbrush
  • Species Scientific Name Castilleja levisecta
  • Federal Listing Status Threatened
  • State Listing Status Endangered


Special needs

Golden paintbrush historically occurred in low-elevation open prairies with moist winter soils (but no standing water). This species was also associated with gravelly glacial outwash or outcrops of clayey glacio-lacustrine sediment.

Limiting factors

Golden paintbrush is threatened by habitat loss due to urbanization and commercial and agricultural development. Encroachment of woody plants as a result of fire suppression is also harmful to this species. Competition with non-native, invasive weeds, trampling by recreationists, and severe herbivory by deer and rabbits present further threats.

Conservation actions

Survey potential habitat to document additional populations. Continue experimental reintroduction. Note: this plant is thought to be extirpated from Oregon.

Key reference or plan

Oregon Department of Agriculture Plant Conservation