Bull Trout, Willamette SMU

Bull Trout
Photo Credit: Terry Smith, U. S. Forest Service


  • Species Common Name Bull Trout
  • Species Scientific Name Salvelinus confluentus
  • Federal Listing Status Threatened
  • State Listing Status Sensitive
  • SMU/ESU/DPS/Subspecies Willamette SMU


Special needs

Requires cool temperatures for spawning and rearing. Requires channel complexity and available migratory corridors.

Limiting factors

Barriers to migration and spawning. Early-rearing habitat is limited. Habitat quality above, in, and downstream of reservoirs. Predation by non-natives in reservoirs. Hybridization in the upper McKenzie. Limited food source (anadromous salmonids). Altered hydrological regime. Angling mortality.

Conservation actions

Maintain or restore aquatic and riparian habitat. Continue ongoing restoration efforts involving landowners, tribes, and agency partners (NOAA, NMFS, ODFW, OWEB). Finalize draft USFWS recovery plan.